Nowadays a strong brand isn't just about the product anymore, instead it has become an experience. In a dynamic way it strives for recognition and familiarity. Papertoys can be used in different ways to lift this experience to a new dimension. Functioning as a foldable eye-catcher, a papertoy transforms into a lasting and tactile reminder of your brand.

Due to its shape a papertoy can easily be included with a product, placed on the packaging of a product or even become the packaging itself. Of course you can also distribute papertoys as a gift, send it by mail or make it available online. Assembling a papertoy requires active participation by your customer and therefore functions as an effective tool in your marketing campaign. Especially when you enhance the papertoy with techniques like QR-codes, RFID chips and mobile applications, which allow the papertoy to become part of a bigger concept.

Depending on your needs we can design papertoys that consist of one or multiple parts, can be assembled without glue, and have die-cuts. A team of experts will assist you with your requirements regarding paperstock and finish. For more information about our products you can contact us at



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"The scale of a papertoys can vary from a few centimeters to a few meters. This allows us to create models that can be send as postcards to models that serve as window dressing in shops. Depending on your strategy we can provide you with a unique design that will impress on every scale."

"The possibilities of papertoys are limitless and they can be used to communicate your product with great effect."

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