Some examples of papertoy applications

There are numerous creative ways to use papertoy concepts within your brand. Listed below are a few possible applications.

Action marketing: Papertoys can easily be distributed during events. The toy can be the size of a standard flyer but also the size of a postcard or even businesscard.

Product marketing: On the back of cereal boxes you can often find puzzles or colorings, but you could also use a papertoy instead. Going a step further you could also use a papertoy as the packaging itself.

Large scale papertoys: When you work with cardboard or foamboard you can also construct life-size papertoys that you can display in shop windows or at events. Another way to work on a larger scale is to construct a papertoy of several parts that a customer collects when buying your products.

Connection with digital content: This makes it possible to start a marketing campaign where papertoys help increase the duration of the campaing through digital content.

  • Connection with (mobile) games where QR codes on the papertoys provide access to exclusive content or levels within a game. Examples are new characters that can be unlocked or exclusive items that you can use within the game.
  • Educational apps where combining and scanning different papertoys provides a learning experience.

Connection with social media: Papertoys can also be used in a viral campaign, for example, on Facebook of Twitter.

  • A web based environment where user can make photos or videos starring their toys and upload and tag these photos/videos so they are connected to the current campaign.
  • A game where papertoys can be constructed with parts based on elements of your brand. The most original or creative papertoy, or the most 'liked' papertoy, wins the game.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. Of course we can assist you with your choice how to integrate papertoys in your brand experience.